Download LG ThemePark

What is LG ThemePark?

LG ThemePark creates a theme in your PC and allows you to apply the theme in your phone.

Not even only home screen, menu screen, icon but also home item-drawer, lock screen could be changed into whatever you want.

Create your own-theme after installing LG ThemePark program

Download LG ThemePark

download & installation guide

Recommended PC
Recommended PC
Division Specification
OS Window XP/7, 32/64bit
CPU Recommended Pentium 1.8Hz processor or higher
RAM Recommended 1GB or higher
System HDD space Recommended 100MB or higher

Required software installation

JDK v1.6 (Java SE Development Kit 6u45) - jdk-6u45-windows-i586.exe (32bit) - Installed file can be downloaded when register at

JDK download

Screen shot


How to install

  • STEP. 1Run the downloaded exe.file

    next버튼을 눌러 주세요

  • STEP. 2Complete installation after setting up the location of installation and shortcut etc.

    Finish 버튼 눌러 주세요

How to install JDK


Only JDK v1.6(32bit) version available at LG ThemePark
If v1.7 is updated after JDK v1.6 installation, there could be a problem occurred in use LG ThemePark

How to block updating JDK(Java) v1.7

  • STEP. 1 Run the downloaded jdk-6u45-windows-i586.exe (32bit) set-up file

    jdk-6u45-windows-i586.exe (32bit용)설치화일

  • STEP. 2 Click 'Run' Button

    실행 버튼 클릭

  • STEP. 3 Java(TM) SE Devlopment Kit 6 Update 45 Installation Ready

    설치 준비중

  • STEP. 4 Click 'Next' button for Java(TM) SE Devlopment Kit 6 Update 45 Installation Wizard Ready

    설치를 위한 next버튼 표시

  • STEP. 5 Clikc 'Next' button after selecting Java(TM) SE Devlopment Kit 6 Update 45 Set-up Route

    설치 경로 선택후 enxt버튼 표시

  • STEP. 6 Java(TM) SE Devlopment Kit 6 Update 45 Installation Progress

    설치 진행중인

  • STEP. 7 Click 'Next' button

    넥스트 버튼 클릭

  • STEP. 8 Set-up Progress

    설치 진행

  • STEP. 9 Set-up complete when click 'Close' button

    close버튼 클릭시 설치 완료표시