Mystic Messenger_Jumin2 [LG Home+]

LG Electronics



[How to apply Home theme]
1. Setting > Display > Theme > Select the Theme > Apply
2. Long tab the screen > Theme > Select the Theme > Apply

- icons for theme
- Background image for home screen and lock screen

[Support Specification]
- Android OS 7.0 or later
- QHD (2880x1440)
- It can use only LG Home (Cannot use other home launcher.)
※ These contents are provided depending on softwear version of user's phone. The contents may not be provided or some items may be displayed differently after the OS or softwear updates, due to modification on the requirement or the provider's situation. ※ Screenshots are reference only, and may be different to actual update. ※ Dials and message screen may be different depending on the mobile carrier.